Connecting Iowa Students with Career Opprotunities
Q: Is there a registration fee or any other cost to attend an ICoRN interview day or other recruiting event?

A: There are no registration fees of any kind for students.  You are responsible, however, for paying your way to and from the recruiting event.  All venues are in close proximity to hotels in the event you need to stay overnight.


Q: How do I register for an interview day?

A: Contact your college career center for the registration password.  Then, go to our Registration page for further instructions.


Q: Where can I find driving directions to the interview day?

A: Basic directions to each event are provided on our website under the EVENTS tab. Since students are coming from all across Iowa, we also encourage you to use MapQuest, Google Maps, or similar tools.


Q: How do I find the different companies and positions attending the different ICoRN events?

A: First, log in to ICoRN CareerLink.  Then, click “Interviews I Qualify For” under the “Quicklinks” menu on the homepage.  And finally, click on the “Job Title” to review the position description.  If interested, select which resume you would like to submit in the drop down menu (upper right corner), and then click “Submit.”


Q: Can I upload more than one resume in ICoRN CareerLink?

A: Yes, you can upload ten different resumes.


Q: I've been notified by an employer that I've been "Invited" for an interview.  How do I sign-up?

A: You should receive an email from ICoRN with detailed instructions and deadlines on how to select an interview time. First, log in to ICoRN CareerLink.  Then, under “Alerts” on the homepage, click on “You may sign up for 1 interview(s).”  Next, click on the “Schedule Interview” button.  Finally, choose a time slot from the list of available slots and then click “Submit.”


Q: Something has come up and I need to reschedule/cancel my interview.  What do I do?

A: Log in to ICoRN CareerLink.  Then, click on “Interviews” in the top menu.  Next, click on the “Scheduled Interviews” tab. Finally, click on “Reschedule” to pick an alternate time, or click “Cancel” to cancel the interview.  If there is no option to reschedule or cancel, then the time period for doing so has expired.  Please notify Valorie Larsson at (515) 867-6890.


Q: I am interested in attending an ICoRN event, but my school is not listed as a member school.  What does that mean?

A: In order to be a member of the Iowa College Recruiting Network, your college/university must also hold an active membership with the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (see member list).

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