Connecting Iowa Students with Career Opprotunities


Whether you are a Fortune 50 corporation or an organization with fewer than 50 employees, the Iowa College Recruiting Network (ICoRN) is ready and eager to connect you with the students enrolled at 25 private colleges and universities throughout the state of Iowa.  Many employers are surprised to learn that while our member colleges may only enroll approximately 26% of undergraduates in Iowa, they award more than 44% of all undergraduate degrees earned in the State of Iowa annually.  We attribute this success to strong academic programs, excellent faculty, and our institutions' ability to attract, retain, and graduate exceptional students.   So, whether you are looking to hire candidates for either full-time or internship positions, we truly look forward to working with you.

To provide you with some additional information, the following list reflects the percentage of bachelor's degrees awarded in Iowa by our member institutions in 2005-06:

  • 38% of all computer and information technology degrees
  • 45% of all business degrees
  • 48% of all science degrees
  • 52% of all foreign language degrees
  • 70% of all nursing degrees


Accounting Interview Day
Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall Interview Day
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Spring Interview Day
February 2018 (Date TBD)

To receive an invitation to any of our recruiting events, email Valorie Larsson or call 515-867-6890.

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