Iowa College Recruiting Network

Connecting Iowa Students with Career Opprotunities

Connections that count.

Where can employers easily connect to nearly 50,000 students enrolled at one of Iowa's 25 private colleges?  One place.  The Iowa College Recruiting Network (ICoRN).

While we have a new name and we've grown in our number of schools, the quality and caliber of our graduates remains the same.

Expect to hire great talent.

Fall Interview Day - Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The 25 Iowa private colleges award over 40% of all bachelor degrees earned in the state of Iowa.

Employers rave

"ICoRN is essential for employers.  It is a great way to identify excellent candidates from so many different schools!"

Kara Lindsey, Senior Recruitment Workforce Specialist, CDS Global

Students speak

"ICoRN helped me immeasurably!  Their recruiting events should be on the calendar of every student!"

Jared Bendel, Luther College
9105 Iltis Drive
Suite B
Urbandale, IA 50322